What size storage unit do I need?
This is probably the most commonly asked question and dilemma for our house move customers, because there are so many variables, but as a guide one of our standard 20ft storage units will hold the average contents of a 3 bedroom semi detached house, if packed carefully and the full height of the unit is utilised. 

I am struggling to visualise what a 20ft unit actually looks like or how big it is, can you help me?
A standard 20ft x 8ft x 8ft unit is very similar in size to a single car garage or a through living/dining room, the metric measurements are approximately 6 metres long x 2.4 metres wide x 2.4 metres in height. 

Are the units dry and water tight?
Yes our 20ft storage units are designed to sit on the back of ships, in open oceans and to keep the contents dry whilst in transit. We only buy new or single trip storage units because they are in excellent condition and on top that all new storage units are also ventilated reducing any condensations issues. If your goods go into the unit dry, they will almost certainly come out the same way, wet items must never be put into a storage unit.  

Are the units completely secure?
All of our units are made of corten steel and each unit has a high grade security lock, along a heavy gauge welded lock box, surrounding the lock itself, to deny easy access to it. We also have on site monitored CCTV and remote access alarm systems. In addition we protect the site perimeter with steel, spiked, palisade fencing and razor wire but all of that can never completely deter the determined criminal so we ask that our customers to be sensible about what they store, so that our site is of little interest to criminals. In addition we have taken the step of prohibiting motorcycles, quads or any expensive plant or equipment on site. All of this goes a very long way to making our storage facility a secure facility.  

Do you offer any removal or transportation services or can you recommend any others?
We do not offer any removal or transportation services, at either of our self storage facilities, preferring to focus on providing our customers with secure, low cost and affordable self storage solutions. We have no commercial ties, with any removal or transportation services, but we are able to recommend Simon Harper of Trusted Removals. A number of our customers, at both Pontefract and Sheffield, have used the services of Trusted Removals and they have always reported favourably on their professionalism and on their pricing.
This link will take you directly to their website; https://trustedremovalsyorkshire.business.site