Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Do shipping containers suffer with damp or problems with mould. 
A. Waleswood Self Storage only use brand new storage units, which are both water tight and are fully ventilated, so we don't experience that problem. 

Q. Can I rent a unit for a short period of time without being tied in long term. 
A. Yes our storage agreements are very flexible, our customers pay monthly and our customers can vacate at any time, but we do not reimburse part months. 

Q. How much storage space will I need or how much will a 20ft unit hold. 
A. This is very difficult to answer because customers needs are many and varied, as are their possessions,  but as a guide our 20ft units will hold the average contents of a 3 to 4 bedroom house or more precisely 311 household boxes calculated at box size 45cm x 45cm x 45cm = 0.09 m3 with an available internal space of 28 m3 = 311 boxes (28m3 divided by 0.09 m3 = 311)

Q. Do you insure customers goods that are stored at your storage facility. 
A. Insurance is entirely a matter for our customers, we do not offer or sell insurance. Quite often our customers house insurance will extend to temporary storage or arranging their own storage insurance, is the most cost effective way of securing appropriate cover for their personal needs. 

Q. Do you provide storage for vehicles, motorcycles or quad bikes. 
A. Unfortunately we can no longer accept or allow any vehicles, motorcycles, quads or any expensive plant or equipment because sadly these items attract the unwanted attention of criminals, which is detrimental to other customers. 

Q. Are the storage units safe and secure. 
A. All of our units come with a high grade security lock and steel lock box to protect it, we have On Site Security, Monitored CCTV and an Advanced Perimeter Alarm System, so we do our very best to keep your property as safe a possible.